Ukhonaye Fried Chicken (UFC)

Did someone say fried chicken? No! They said UKHONAYE FRIED CHICKEN! You're welcome...

Ukhonaye Fried Chicken (UFC)


12 BIG  Chicken Wings (with a dry rub mix of smoked paprika, peri-peri, garlic powder, lemon and herb spice, salt and pepper)

300g Flour

2 eggs

150ml Buttermilk

300g Seasoned Flour (Smoked Paprika, Peri Peri, Shisanyama Spice from @robertsonsspice and their Portuguese chicken spice, dried oregano, salt and pepper)

Oil for deep frying


Prepare your wings with the dry rub mix and then cover in buttermilk for at least 4 hours before frying.

After the four hours of marinating in the buttermilk, heat up your oil on a medium high temperature. Start off by dipping your wings individually, into the seasoned flour.

Once all your wings are covered, you can begin to fry them, depending on your pot or deep fryer you might need to fry them individually for a good 5 to 7 minutes a side to ensure even cooking right in the center.

Have a colander ready to drain the excess oil with an addition of paper towel.

U Tip: For extra crunchiness, you can double fry the wings.

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