Time for U.

After hearing the President speak of the COVID-19 lockdown and understanding the measures that need to be taken to ensure our country is saved from this pandemic.

It hit me, this is the TIME FOR U and the things that you never have time for.

This is the time for looking at your cupboards and getting the chef in you going! We often wallow and not know what to do, but the President and the government have given us TIME to Focus and Time to rejuvenate ourselves.

Plan at least two picnics per week with different themes for you and your Lockdown mates where you will prepare food (get everyone involved), including friends and family from around the globe, thanks to apps like Houseparty and Skype that can make this possible. Deck out your living room with props from around the house and yard.

Or if you are like me, have a singles picnic with your favourite music, burn a fragrant oil and just enjoy your space.

Read that book you bought last year, learn that hobby you’ve been meaning to start.

Just take this TIME FOR U.

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