Seeded Honey Loaf

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


If you know me, you will know my connection and passion for anything bread!

Bread is just a beautiful kind of food that avails itself to savoury, or sweet dishes like bread and butter pudding.

I love adding contrasting flavours to my breads, so they can be memorable for friends and family.

So this bread has savoury and sweet notes that make it perfect as is or just spread with salted butter, YUM!

Lets get into it….

Seeded Honey Loaf


550g Bread Flour

1 Tbsp Salt

15g Sunflower Seeds

15g Flex Seeds

15g Pistachios, chopped

15g Pumpkin Seeds

15g Black Sesame Seeds

15g rehydrated Cranberries

1 Packet Dried Yeast

45g Honey

Pinch Cinnamon

300 ml Warm Water


In a Large bowl, mix the flour, salt, seeds, yeast, cranberries and cinnamon; mix all those ingredients till evenly distributed.

Add your honey and half the water; while slowly kneading the dough mixture. You might not need to keep adjusting the amount of water; ensuring the dough is not too wet nor is it too dry.

Once a dough, knead the dough till it is stretchy. Let it proof for about an hour or till it double in size. Knock it down and shape into a bread tin or shape into rolls. Proof for 30 – 40 minutes

Preheat oven to 180⁰C.

Once the bread has doubled again, bake for 30 minutes; let the bread rest before slicing.

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