Infused Oils

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Who does not love flavoured oils for cooking and salads?

With this recipe we take it further, we make oils for serving!

Imagine a great brunch with freshly baked breads and dips and cold meats alike, a whiff of fresh garlic oil just waiting for you to dip that bread and soak those umami flavours.

No need to imagine, here is a recipe to impress friends and in-laws…

Infused Oils

500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tsp Salt

Choice of flavourant:

5 Cloves Fresh garlic, bruised and peeled


20g Fresh Thyme Sprigs


40g Parmesan Rind


20g Fresh Rosemary


In a Saucepan, add your oil and salt with any flavourant you would like to use.

Remember the stove should be on a medium-low heat. The oil should not be too hot and should not burn any of your flavourants.

Once the herb or ingredient sounds like they're frying, switch the stove off and let the oil cool down completely before transferring it back into a bottle with the herbs.

This oil maybe used as a condiment or just to flavour salads.

U Tip: when you transfer the oil into a bottle, keep the flavourants in there too! The oil will continue to develop in flavour and taste so much better over time.

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