CoF Up: Mac 'n Cheese

We are definitely moving with the times!

Cory The Rona might have changed our plans for 2020 oh-so-slightly but we are not letting that stop us from growing this brand.

So, I finally took it upon myself to start a Youtube Channel, as my friends and family have BEEN nagging. Hahaha its mostly because I talk a lot while cooking, so why not share with the rest of the humans on this cyber planet.

I must say, it totally reminded me of the wonderful times I had been invited to cook on SABC 3’s Afternoon Express. The only difference is that, I am the host, the Chef and the guest; I must say, if I don’t get my own cooking show after Season 1, then I don’t know.

I thought as it is the first episode, let me cook something that doesn’t take most of my attention away from the camera and obviously deliciously simple. We have Mac ‘n Cheese, or should I call it Pasta ‘n Cheese, since no Macaroni was seen on this video.

Welcome to #CoFUp (Conversations over Food)

CoF Up: Mac 'n Cheese


2 Cups Pasta       (of your choice)

Bechamel Sauce

4 Tbsps Butter

3 Tbsps Flour

2 Cups Milk         (Room Temperature)

250g Cheese       Grated (125g White Cheddar, 125g White Gouda)

1 Tsp Garlic         (Chopped)


Parmesan            Just for finishing off

1 Tsp Sour Cream


Boil your pasta in salted water and cook as the pack instructs.

Preheat Oven to 200 degrees Celsius, line a medium sized baking tray with foil (Easier to clean up)

In a Saucepan, on a medium heat, melt your butter till it starts sizzling. Once sizzling happens, stir in your flour and ensure that the flour is lump-free.

Cook your flour for at least 3 minutes, to get that "floury flavour" out. Once cooked, slowly stir in your you milk and looking that it doesn’t thicken too much. You should have a saucy consistency (I like my Bechamel sauce to be slightly runny at this point).

Add 2/3 of your cheese and stir till fully incorporated (watch Part 2 to see what I mean), reserve the one third for the topping. Add your garlic, followed by your seasoning.

Drain your pasta, but leave a tad bit of the pasta water to help loosen the sauce a bit.

Pour your Sauce on your pasta and stir away, watch coat it and just be delicious. Transfer it tp your baking dish and top with the reserved Cheese. And bake till Golden.

Plate it up with a dollop of sour cream and grated Parmesan.


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