Butternut Gnocchi

Now this is one of my favourite recipes, not only because of the colour but the flavour combinations that can come from playing around with this recipe.

Butternut Gnocchi


1 Large Butternut, deseeded

2 Cups Flour

½ egg

Pot full of Salted Chicken Stock to boil the butternut pasta


Peel and cube the butternut. Once done, boil the butternut in the stock for 12 minutes. The

butternut should not be too soft and yet not too chunky; just a good bite, do not throw the stock away.

Drain the butternut completely and cool it.

Once the butternut has cooled, mash it with a fork then add your flour and egg. Make sure the consistency is not too tough yet not too wet; just a pliable dough. Divide small portions into logs that you will cut little pillows of gnocchi, then boil them in the chicken stock till they rise to the top.

Drain then serve.

U Tip: Now this is a forgiving pasta as it works with either thick or thin sauces. Even better, some beurre noisette(brown butter) with thyme and garlic.

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