2021 definitely equals MORE!!!

Firstly, happy New Year to U. family.

2020 was a rough year full of ups and downs but here, we concentrate on the ups! Our biggest up as the U. Team was definitely the first edition of U. EAT and the success from it.

A 6 course love affair, full of ”mouthgasms” (as Chef Chantel Williams would say). The day started of with a breezy bread and fruit display and some bubbly just to give the guests a teaser of what was to unfold. 5 December 2020 was definitely our up and we have decided to share with you how it looked, if you happened to miss it.

Wait! Before we share, let me introduce you to our GALLERY feature where we will upload every dining experience we have. Click away!!!

Before I forget, the 2nd Edition of U.EAT is being worked by the team; bringing you prettier plates, more “mouthgasms” and just a UNIQUE experience. Stay on the lookout for any U.EAT announcements on here and IG.

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